Multi-unit Franchises

Benefits of Operating a Multi-Unit Franchise

Since there are so many franchise opportunities out there, owning multiple locations, especially for restaurant franchises, can be a great idea. The multi-unit franchise offers an array of advantages. You can enjoy several advantages that you simply don't get with a single location.

More Profits

As you open and develop more franchise locations, you grow and improve your own business sense and financial savvy. Plus, having access to more capital allows you to make more investments in the early days of your business. As you continue to invest and grow, you gather a wider customer base and increase your overall profits. You can also see your franchise's popularity take off thanks to having multiple locations. The parent company may sometimes even notice your local success and commit to giving you a small monopoly in that region, preventing other would-be business owners from getting a share of your profits.

Marketing Becomes Easier

Watch your advertising costs per location go way down. You can use most of the same materials in each location, saving you a lot of time and money on the creative process. Print postcards that list every location for direct-mail marketing, or run an ad campaign that applies to each storefront. As a bonus, you can also use individual franchise locations to test run new promotions or advertisements to make sure they get the results you want before you commit to a network-wide rollout.

You Can Hire More People

Running a single franchise can be a lot of work, and you might often feel overextended, as though you're doing everything yourself. When you have the capital and profits of multiple locations behind you, suddenly, you can afford to hire a more extensive team of pros to take a lot of the burden off your shoulders.

Pooled Resources

Never underestimate the power of bulk buying. The larger quantities of goods you'll need to keep all of your locations up and running means you can negotiate lower and lower prices with your suppliers. To streamline things even more, you can even establish a warehouse to store and distribute product, taking the responsibility off of each individual franchise.